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25th of April 2014
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News RegionProgress on Espace Voyageur
Representatives of ETRC and UKTRF had a very constructive meeting with the EU Commission on 12 July 2010 on the Espace Voyageur concept for airside retailing at airports.........(more).
2nd of September 2010
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Continuity of Leadership

Created on 31st of August 2010

At the AGM on 29 June 2010, Sarah Branquinho of World Duty Free was unanimously re-elected as Chairman of UKTRF for the sixth consecutive year. Coincidentally, three weeks earlier, at the ETRC AGM, Frank O'Connell was unanimously re-elected as President of ETRC, also for the sixth consecutive year.

Sarah and Frank both took up their respective positions in the same month, June 2004, and have provided consistent and effective leadership for UKTRF and ETRC ever since.

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